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Date Added: 08-07-2019

Wait, what? We never did any summer sales, did we?
We did not, but this time there's a good reason for that - or rather, several reasons, both good and bad.
Over the last year the laser cut terrain niche hasn't been doing very well and several companies have either announced they are closing or had to make some drastic cuts to stay afloat. The Q2 of 2019 wasn't exactly great for us neither and with resources tied up at setting up a new precoloured range of scenery, we found ourselves at a point where we either follow suit or get a bit creative to ensure there's enough runway for this new (and way overdue as this was something that we planned to launch in Q1 2019) project to wrap up safely.
At the same time, we've managed to get a good deal on a huge restock of materials (including stuff like packing materials, magnets for the Magnetowers range and cardboard tubes needed to bring back the Storage Tanks and Silo Frame kits that were unavailable for a while) - but to make the best use of it, we need to move a bit more product than per usual. Doing a summer sale will allow us to do just that (and ensure that some of the savings we've made are passed on to you all), while allowing to wrap up the final work on the precoloured stuff for release in a couple of weeks. 

Use the discount code 'SummerSale2019' (no quotes) on checkout at https://bit.ly/2EL7oaS to receive -15% discount on any order of 50+ EUR!
Moreover, we will include a voucher code with each order taking part in the promotion – you can use it on any future order:
Black Friday Orders of 50-99 EUR – 5 EUR webstore credit
Black Friday Orders of 100-199 EUR – 10 EUR webstore credit
Black Friday Orders of 200+ EUR – 20 EUR webstore credit

For example: on an order of 200 EUR you will receive a -30 EUR discount and a 20 EUR voucher for a whopping 50 EUR total – 25% of your order's value!
Offer valid between 8th of July 2019 and 15th of July 2019. Limited number of codes available.

Free shipping available where applicable. Versatiles Bundles and HQ Resin kits are not discounted, but count towards your order total for purposes of obtaining a voucher. Processing time for orders placed during the sale may be longer (up to 10 working days) than the estimate given upon checkout.
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