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Hello! My name is Andrzej and I would like to introduce you to Multiverse Gaming.

We’re a small (but dynamically growing) wargaming accessories company located in Cracow, Poland. What started a couple of years ago as a hobby blog (http://multiverse15.blogspot.com/) and later a hobby studio page, developed into what have always been a dream of mine: a business dedicated to manufacturing miniature models that are both great looking and fun to build.

Photo: Robert JędgrygasI have been a tabletop gamer for most of my life, being introduced to Star Wars: CCG at the age of ten and moving on to wargames at the age of thirteen. Starting with WarZone 2nd ed., I’ve played dozens of systems: from Necromunda to Warmaster, from De Bellis Antiquitatis to Batman Miniature Game, from Song of Blades and Heroes to narrative-driven Brent Spivey rulesets. As many miniature gamers out there, I’ve tried my hand at sculpting and casting my own models and at designing my own rulesets – but terrain making has always been my favourite part of the hobby.
This passion for making great looking wargaming scenics, along with the interest in building toys and computer-assisted design, was what made me establish Multiverse Gaming. I hope you will have as great time building and playing with our models, as we had while designing them.
Happy gaming!
- Andrzej Probulski, Multiverse Gaming

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