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There are many wargaming terrain options out there - some of them perhaps cheaper, some of them better looking. Why choose Multiverse Gaming models over those made by other manufacturers? Read on!

Shipping Containers3D DETAILS
Producers of lasercut terrain often rely solely on engraving for adding details to their models. At Multiverse Gaming we combine laser etched details with using several layers of HDF and matte board to produce models that are much more realistic than what you may be used to in lasercut wargaming terrain and that paint up very easily with a simple drybrush.
See these shipping containers? They combine a robust HDF core and two layers of matte board to ensure that each layer of steel and each door bolt is a separate surface.
Don’t get us wrong: laser engraved details are great. Charging a good deal of money for what’s essentialy a simple engraved box is not.

What would you say if your wargaming miniatures came with clearly visible joints that you wouldn’t be able to cover with any amount of green stuff?
The black „pock marks” in the middle of an engraved surface are something you won’t see on any of our models. We do our best to hide all the connecting pegs inside the structure of the model, so your scenics will look great even when left unpainted – and will paint up easily without the need to cover the connectors.

Even the best looking design may be hindered by the lack of focus on playability.
Are the interiors accessible? Can you move the doors – or perhaps remove them altogether if breached by a satchel charge or a battering ram?
Does the layout of the walls and pillars allow for additional cover options for your miniatures?
Are the scatter terrain pieces tall enough to be considered cover in the most popular rulesets?
These are the questions we consider each time we design a new model.

Do you think that assembling the terrain for your gaming table is a chore?alt Let us prove you wrong!
We want our models to be not only fun to play with, but also to assemble. We provide clear and precise instructions and make sure that all the pieces are properly cut and easy to remove from the sprues.
When assembling our kits, you’ll notice plenty of design choices rarely seen in wargaming terrain models: braces used to hold other parts firmly in place, tiny detailing elements doubling up as important construction features,  detailing pieces that simply slide into place during assembly. These are all deliberate designs, aimed at providing you with a great hobby experience a long time before you get your table and the miniatures ready to play.

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